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CropBytes: A Starters Guide

 If you have trouble getting started, kindly read our quick guide.

So now you have logged in and you have your assets in hand.
You can take on either of the two roles in the game or both.

The Happy Farmer.
Grow your crops, raise and breed your animals & become a farming tycoon.
Earn Tron as you build you farming empire.

  • Crop Land: Water and seeds are required to start the cultivation process.
    It takes 36 hours for the crops to be harvested. (Right now only corn seeds are available, many more coming soon.)
  • Trees: They just need water, and will produce fruits in 5days.
  • Food grinding mills: Our animals eat ground food, so crops need to be processed. Once your crop or fruits are harvested, you can rent out a mill from other players to grind and convert them into food.
  • Livestock: Animals have health bars, If they are not fed on time, their health will reduce & eventually they will stop producing extracts until you bring them back to health.

Animal Stats


 You also need to give your animals fruit feed every Sunday or else they will lose 10% of their health.

Remember! feed your animals daily.

Food quantity, output and extract production time differ for each type of animal.

The Game Index has all the info you need to plan and organize your farm.

**Tip: A well-organized farm will give you more output, and hence more TRX!!


The Busy Trader
Trading is quite simple, it’s just like any other open exchange.
Assets here are categorized into 3 types.

  • Produce: Extracts from your animals, land & Trees(milk, corn, fruit, etc).
    The Game Index has all the info you need.
  • Game Cards: Can be acquired from certain animals or trade.
    *Some assets can only be purchased with game cards.
  • Premium Assets: Superheros, Houses, Windmills, Solar Panels can be traded with players as well.

You can buy and sell these as an when required. Just list your price, and players can buy it off you from the open market.

Check out the game market to buy assets from players.
A lot more to come!
Follow us on Twitter & Facebook to stay updated.

 Happy Farming!


Getting started with CropBytes.

Welcome to Cropbytes.
A farming simulation game, where you can earn TRX as you build your farming empire.
This guide will help you get started with the game.

Step 1 Sign up on and deposit TRX to your CropBytes wallet.

Step 2 Download CropBytes & CropBytes Farm from the Play store.





Step 3 Sign in on both the apps. In the CropBytes App, Name your farm and place it in your preferred location.

**You can’t change the location of your farm once placed.








  Now you are all set to start farming! launch the CropBytes Farm app and start playing!



  A starter pack is available for 1200TRX .


Farm App~Account~Store~Asset store~Starter Pack.









*If your are starting with less, check out the game market and the flash sale. You will find great deals on assets here.Follow us on Twitter & Facebook to stay updated.


Superhero Breeding Rules

Hello CropBytes farmers, we are introducing Superhero breeding on Cropbytes platform!

Currently there are 6 Superheroes in the game.
3 Male(Green,Super Sunny & Chichu), 3Female(Waterl, Blossom & Healer) Superheroes
Try breeding with all 9 combinations and get baby Superheroes, with different superpowers!

Terms & Conditions for Superhero Breeding

  • Breeding requires one male & one female superhero.
  • A level 1 house is needed to keep the superhero pair during breeding.
  • It takes 72 Days to complete the breeding process.
  • The pair needs a total of 10 fruit feed each day during the process.
  • One extra day is added to the total duration, for each day of feeding skipped.
  • Superheroes house which are listed in asset trading can’t be used for breeding and vice-versa.


We hope to see many super babies soon!


Updated! Check out our latest releases.

Update Includes:

  • Increased farming space. More space for your assets!
  • Feed All option. Easily feed all your animals with one button!
  • GMT Clock embedded, Next Flash sale time, and information on the referral contest.
  • In-app links to your Profile, Wallet, Asset Store, Flash Sale, Game Market, GC Trading, and the Blog.

         Massively expanded playing space allows for the placement of all your assets.  Organize your farm with easy!

                       We have also added a “Feed all” feature. You can feed all your animals simultaneously!  


                               Head to settings and enable the “Feed All” button!  Simple as that!


  • Clicking on the Info Button now provides some useful information
  •  Current CropBytes time: lets you know how much time is left in the day, to ensure that you can get your animals fed on time.
  • Next flash sale:  lets you know when you can get some more awesome assets at wholesale prices from the game!
  • Referral Contest is a fun way to get some free stuff for yourself and a friend. Please do not attempt to abuse this. Devs are looking for bad actors.

  • Clicking on the Account icon brings up 3 separate tabs.
  • Profile gives you information about your account
  • Wallet lets you know how much TRX, PlayCoin, and GC you have.
  • The Store tab provides links to the Asset Store, Flash Sale, Game Market, GC Trading where you can trade in  TRX. You will aslo find a link to our blog, where you can stay updated on our latest development

Game Market: Trade your Produce, Assets, Livestock etc, with other players.



     Asset Store:Buy assets from game store.


GC Trading: Trade your aquired Game Crads  for TRX.