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Farm Bell

Introducing the farm bell.

Now earn secret rewards in the form of scratch cards!

Click the bell on your farm

The friends bell section shows your name and bell code, Here you can enter a friends bell code and click ring to ring their bell.

The Gift section is where you will see all the scratch cards you have earned. Click on the scratch card to reveal & claim the prize’s

The Rings tab shows the players who rang our bell and their bell code.

 The leader board shows top earning players!

* You can ring your friends bell only when your friend has performed an action on their farm, like starting a crop, harvesting, grinding a crop, feeding animals or trading.

* A user can ring 3 unique bells in a day.

* A user can ring a unique bell only once a day.

*You can ring a unique bell maximum 3 times during the event.

* Player will get a scratch card when 3 friends ring your bell.

* Scratch cards contain gifts worth of 1 TRX to 10000TRX, some times users may get better luck next time too.


Free 3D Trial pack!

Hello Farmers,Trial packs are now available!

The Trial pack enables new users to start playing right away.

Claim your free assets here.

It features 3D animals (cow, goat, hen) which give milk and eggs as extracts.

These extracts can be traded in the open market or exchanged for game cards! You get 50 Corn Feed & 10 Fruit Feed to feed your animals

You also get a 1×1 Crop Land to grow crops, 50 units of water for the crops, 50 units Corn Seeds.

A quick look at the game play

Feeding Animals

Feed animals daily to collect extracts. If animals are not fed daily, they will loose health stats.

Growing Crops

The harvested crop can be processed for animal feed & sold in the open market.

Harvesting Crops

Grinding Crops

Converting GC to Extracts

Game card can be used to aquire special assets & can also be traded in the GC market.

Trading Game Cards to TRX

Claim yours now

Terms & Conditions — Trail Pack

  • The Trial pack can be claimed only once per user.
  • Assets in the Trial pack are for a limited period only.
  • Assets in the Trial pack are non-tradable.
  • Extracts from the Trial pack assets are tradable & the acquired TRX/ Game Cards can be used for other purchases.
  • Cropbytes has all rights to block players if found misusing Trial packs.
  • Trial packs are to encourage new users to start playing Cropbytes without hassle.