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CropBytes launches 3D, the best Crypto game of 2020

CropBytes launches 3D, the best Crypto game of 2020

New Features, Rules & Trading Pairs

Hey Farmers👩‍🌾

The launch of CropBytes 3D is just a few days away, and we’re super pumped about it!

We’re bringing about improvements in the game and redefining the norms with some unmatchable features in terms of GamePlay & Trading. The update comes with a few changes in the rules. Be rest assured these improvements will work very well for you and make playing CropBytes even more fun!

As posted earlier a few more game assets are going to be converted. This is essential to maintain healthy economics in the game while ensuring growth.

The following assets will be converted at launch:

If you don’t have enough assets for default conversion / want other assets of equivalent value, you can email support for customization.

In a short period post-launch, some more assets will be converted- eg. GC assets & Tron dogs will convert to CB Dogs. Animal extracts & consumption will be enhanced to increase your earnings.

Trading –

On Launch the following assets will be listed on CropBytes exchange:

The rest of the assets will be added soon.

We are creating a platform for secure private sales, where two players can trade assets directly with a secure password. Assets that are not listed on trading pairs can be traded in this way. This feature will be coming shortly.

We are on our way to being the most revolutionary Crypto game of its time. Stay tuned, farm, trade, and earn Crypto daily.

Do write back to us with your queries.


Team CropBytes


CropBytes | The future of crypto gaming*aA-koPJlKTM_wFeVcfUmzg.png

A quick peek at the upcoming features in CropBytes

When we started building a crypto game back in early 2018, it was an exciting phase in the crypto world with just a few interesting games that offered their players the potential to earn money while playing. As most of the games copied the traditional game economics, they could only give the players limited opportunities to earn.
This was the moment of truth for us; we innovated with a new economic model in the gameplay for CropBytes, and thus began our journey!

We started working on something which would set us apart from the norms in the world of Crypto Gaming. Our focus was on building a game that anyone could play for free, is available across all platforms & gives players the power to earn Bitcoins easily.
While innovating with the new economic model for CropBytes we focused on some fundamental aspects of gaming; the fun to play factor, detailed game-play & ease of playing and earning.

In April 2018, we held the first sale of our CropBytes assets. To our surprise, we sold out in just a few minutes! Our early adopters loved the game and this response gave us the much-needed direction and encouragement, that we were on the right track of building the best Crypto Game the world has yet seen.

It’s been over 2 years, and the journey so far has been a fulfilling one. Today, CropBytes has over 10k users and is available on the most popular platforms such as Android, IOS & Web.

Every day we work towards making the game more interesting and exciting for all our players. We are all set for the release of the brand new 3D version of CropBytes, which is going to be a game-changer. Get ready for a great new crypto gaming experience!

Lets check out some of the features in the upcoming 3D game

Multiple Camera Angles-
Players can interact with game elements in two new perspectives, A birds eye isometric view & first person

Market Place-
The all new marketplace is easy, quick and secure. This type of marketplace has never been seen in a blockchain or crypto game before.

More currencies-
We are incorporating more popular crypto tokens in the game. This allows for multiple markets to function smoothly withing the game and wider adoption.We have plans to integrate TRX <> USDT trading pair, for convenience.

Auto Withdrawals-
The updated architecture is super secure & at par with the top blockchain based organizations in the industry. With this feature players can now make quick automatic withdrawals.

Best in class performance, just like any high end 3D farming & simulation games out there.

Early adopter benefits

These are just a few of the features in the upcoming 3D game, Many more features & details yet to be unveiled, Stay tuned .

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CropBytes | New Architecture & Asset Migration

Hey Crypto farmers! 👨‍🌾

We have more awesome news for you.

Our system has been updated & we are heading to a professional blockchain architecture for the all-new CropBytes marketplace.

CropBytes is growing daily, the game & market are more active than ever. The new architecture with the asset conversion enables the platform to scale to a global level.

Benefits of new architecture & asset migration

  • Professional Blockchain Standard System
  • High Transactions Per Second(TPS)
  • Improved System Speed & Stability
  • High Security

Migration/ Conversion of Assets.

Since all assets have different features & extracts, the assets are carefully selected so that it does not affect the game economy or the users who own them.
The assets listed below have been converted.More assets will be converted in the future.

Distribution of Crop Lands

👉 Players with sufficient croplands were given 4×3 crop lands. rest were given 1X1 (12* 1×1 Crop Land = 1* 4×3 Crop Land)

Factor affected by the migration

👉 Existing open orders of the migrated assets canceled.
👉 Migrated crops in the process were canceled.

Compensation to affected accounts

👉 Harvests such as crops and fruits credited accordingly.
👉 Asset migration details are updated in the transactions log.

3D App! New Marketplace! and a lot more coming your way!
stay tuned📲

Follow our telegram channel for the latest announcements

Join co players in the community to ask and discuss about the game.


Why Game Cards are valuable crypto assets!

Game Cards are crypto assets that are trade-able, limited in supply and hold value. To understand what crypto assets are, we first need to understand crypto games & hybrid games.

What are Hybrid Crypto games?

Crypto or Blockchain games are the future of gaming. The power of blockchain, cryptocurrency, smart contracts & crypto assets are being utilized by more people every day.
Hybrid crypto games integrate a blockchain wallet into a full-fledged game. CropBytes is a hybrid that enables the game to expand to multiple platforms without any extensions or support apps.
It avoids high transaction fees to users like mainstream blockchain games and is highly scalable. Development process & architecture of hybrid games allow for full feature game-play and high-quality graphic elements with room for player incentivization.

Regular games VS Crypto games

Apart from the architectural differences, Crypto games have an edge over regular games.
You will find in-game purchases & currency in popular titles like PUBG(L-COIN), Farmville (Farm Coins), Call Of Duty (CP), etc. All these games require a buy-in via fiat.The tokens or assets acquired by the buyer are limited to the games ecosystem, are not transferable, and cannot be exchanged back to fiat.
In the case of crypto games, Assets & tokens are tradeable, they can be converted to cryptocurrency and exchanged to fiat.So a player is not tied to a particular game or ecosystem and can withdraw & reinvest his as he pleases. Also, recognition, adoption & usability of blockchain & cryptocurrencies are growing daily, which can help generate earning for players.

Characteristics of Game Cards in CropBytes

Creation (Mining) 👷🏻‍♂️

All assets are bound to each other in the CropBytes ecosystem. Game cards can only be created(mined) when certain animals are fed. The supply of animals is released as per the number of active players & is limited.
They can’t be created any other way.


Some special assets in CropBytes can be purchased only by exchanging Game Cards. When a player buys such an asset, the amount of GC used will be deducted from the total circulation.
That is the melting of game cards to unlock a higher value asset in the game.


Game cards are trade-able with Tron (TRX), Trading crypto assets and game cards is an integral part of CropBytes. Like any open market, the value of these assets is decided by the market conditions i.e. supply, demand & volume.

Value creation💎

Being limited in supply, and created by player activity, Game Cards are a very unique crypto asset.

The value is decided by market activity (supply, demand & volume) whereas the creation and melting of game cards are based on the number of players, assets at work and player strategy.

The value is always fluctuating with these factors in play. There have been high’s up to 0.98 TRX & some lows as well. At the time of drafting this post, Game Cards are trading at 0.59 TRX.

Click here to check out the market now!


February 2020 @ CropBytes

Hey Crypto farmers! 👨‍🌾

2020 has been great for crypto gamers so far. These two months went by so fast. With Bitcoin crossing the $10K mark. Tron acquiring Steemit, and CropBytes crossing over 10,000 users.

CropBytes players got to see a lot of exciting changes in the top crypto gaming platform. Let’s dive in and see what the CropBytes team has been up to in the last month.

Game Updates 🚀

New Ui & Button layout 🎮
The new buttons and Ui theme bring depth and fun to the overall gaming experience. Watch tutorials directly from the game, access superhero abilities, reach out to support and more!

Mark my farm📍
A feature loved by all, initially seen in the first version of the CropBytes app. It’s back! & better than ever. Mark your farm anywhere on the globe and claim your spot.

CropBytes Academy 🎓
Get equipped with all the knowledge necessary to be the best crypto farmer, crypto trader or a farming tycoon! learn at your own pace straight from the app. Check out more on our YouTube channel.

GC/TRX Trading 📊
All new scrollable candlestick chart, standard for Decentralized exchanges and crypto traders, improved order book.

Platform Highlights🍻

GC trading contest 💱
The first-ever Game Cards <> TRON(TRX) trading contest was a blast. We were amazed by the enthusiasm and participation of players. Over 1,00,000 GC traded in 7 days. 10 winners and total prizes worth 13,000 TRX!

Referral scratch cards 🎴
Everyone loves scratch cards. Our Scratch cards for referrals offer brought in many new users & a lot of excitement in players. Totally over 400 scratch cards were given out.

That’s all the action from FEB- 2020.🎉

Follow CropBytes on Twitter, Facebook & Telegram for more.

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Refer, Ring & Earn Cryptocurrency

Refer and get scratch cards by exchanging bell rings.

Hello farmers 👨‍🌾,

The bell is back , but with a twist!😉

We all enjoy getting scratch cards, it gets even better when love is shared.💕

So we’ll be giving scratch cards to you and the new player you have just referred 🎴

Both stand a chance earn prizes up to 12,000 TRX💰

How can I get scratch cards?😏

👉 Get your friends to sign up with your referral code.
👉 Ask them to ring your bell.
👉 Get 1 scratch card every ring.

Referred User
👉 Ask the person who referred you to ring your bell!

Who can ring my bell?

👉 Bell rings can be exchanged only between the referrer and the referred player

When does the bell referrals start?

👉 Starts from March 1st, 2020


🔔The scratch cards offer program is valid for a limited time only. CropBytes reserves the right to modify or cancel it at any time.
🔔Bell rings in the CropBytes farm app are allowed between only referrer and referees.
🔔Only new referrals are applicable which are done after the launch date [March 1st, 2020].
🔔Referrer & Referee can exchange rings with each other only once a day.
🔔Every bell ring in a user account will be converted to 1 scratch card and will be automatically added to the user account.
🔔Players can refer unlimited users & keep exchanging the rings.
🔔Players must conduct an activity on that day to send the rings. Each of the following will be considered as 1 activity:

  • Starting a crop
  • Harvesting a crop
  • Grinding a crop
  • Feeding animals
  • Trading assets
  • GC trading
  • GC conversion to assets vice-versa
  • Package purchase.

Refer Now! 👉

*Note: For bell feature, if multiple accounts are used for ringing bells from a single device the Bell IDs will be blocked.

Ring the Bell event is over. Stay tuned for upcoming events.


CropBytes – Superhero Abilities

We are glad to announce the release of Gen 0 Superhero abilities in the farm app 🎉

Currently, there are 6 different superheroes in HEALER, GREEN, BLOOSM, WATERL, CHICHU, SUPER SUNNY.

These superhero abilities will make your farm more productive and improve your earning potential. ⬆️
Be a proud owner of CropBytes superheroes. 😍
Hurry up in grabbing a few from co-players in case you don’t own any.💰

Let’s look at the abilities of superheroes now 👇


      • Helps in recovering animal health quickly.
      • Every Healer in a player’s account will give an additional 0.5 increase in health bars
      • Eg: Player has 2 Healers, so health increases for any animal would be 0.5 + 2 * 0.5 ⇒ 1.5
    • Limit: Max 4 Healers will be considered.


      • Helps in boosting crop production.
      • Every Green in a player’s account will give 2 additional crops per cropland.
      • Eg: Player has 3 Greens, so crop production per square land would be 12 + 6 ⇒ 18
    • Limit: Max 4 Greens will be considered.


      • Automatically feeds your animals.
      • Bloosm will feed all your animals & superheroes daily.
      • It ensures that it will feed only once per day.
      • Note: Animals will not be fed if enough feed is not available in the player’s account.
    • Limit: More than 1 Bloosms in the account will not make any difference in feeding.



      • Increases water production from lakes and wells.
      • Every Waterl in the player’s account will give an additional 10% of the usual production
      • Eg: Player has 3 Waterl, 1 lake. So water production would be 20 + 3 * 10% (20) ⇒ 26 water buckets
    • Limit: Max 4 Waterl will be considered.


      • Increases power generation from solar panels & wind turbines.
      • Since the power generation feature is not yet released, the benefits will be credited in GC (Game Cards).
      • Every Chichu in a player account will give an additional 15% of GC.
      • Eg: Player has 2 Chichu, 1 Wind turbine. So the GC produced would be 30 + 2 * 15% (30) ⇒ 39 GC
    • Limit: Max 4 Chichu will be considered.


      • Automatically feeds your animals.
      • Abilities and terms are the same as Bloosm.
    • Limit: Max 1 Super Sunny will be considered.






Keep in mind the health of superheroes plays a crucial role in their abilities to work. Always keep your superhero’s health bars at the maximum. The abilities will be functional only if the health is 100%. Superheroes with health less than 100% will not be considered.


Now the superheroes have to be fed daily to keep their health bars at the maximum. GREEN & WATERL will take 1 unit of carrot feed 🥕 daily.  Other superheroes will take 2 units of carrot feed 🥕 daily (* subject to change). If any superhero is not fed on any day, the health bar will be reduced by 5% (* subject to change). Unlike regular animals, superheroes consume carrot feed on Sundays as well.

Note: Superheroes that are on breeding will continue to take the fruit feed.

Pause & Resume

Are you going on a vacation? Are you running out of carrot feed in your account? Don’t worry about your superhero’s health – you can pause the superhero abilities at any time from the app settings. Remember during a pause, the abilities will not be functional.

terms as below –

  • The pause can be done only if the feeding is given for all superheroes on that day.
  • A resume can be done only after 24hrs from the pause.
  • Superheroes don’t need to be fed when paused.