Author - Sandeep Reddy

CropBytes – Superhero Abilities

We are glad to announce the release of Gen 0 Superhero abilities in the farm app 🎉

Currently, there are 6 different superheroes in HEALER, GREEN, BLOOSM, WATERL, CHICHU, SUPER SUNNY.

These superhero abilities will make your farm more productive and improve your earning potential. ⬆️
Be a proud owner of CropBytes superheroes. 😍
Hurry up in grabbing a few from co-players in case you don’t own any.💰

Let’s look at the abilities of superheroes now 👇


      • Helps in recovering animal health quickly.
      • Every Healer in a player’s account will give an additional 0.5 increase in health bars
      • Eg: Player has 2 Healers, so health increases for any animal would be 0.5 + 2 * 0.5 ⇒ 1.5
    • Limit: Max 4 Healers will be considered.


      • Helps in boosting crop production.
      • Every Green in a player’s account will give 1 additional crop per cropland.
      • Eg: Player has 3 Greens, so crop production per square land would be 12 + 3 ⇒ 15
    • Limit: Max 4 Greens will be considered.


      • Automatically feeds your animals.
      • Bloosm will feed all your animals & superheroes daily.
      • It ensures that it will feed only once per day.
      • Note: Animals will not be fed if enough feed is not available in the player’s account.
    • Limit: More than 1 Bloosms in the account will not make any difference in feeding.



      • Increases water production from lakes and wells.
      • Every Waterl in the player’s account will give an additional 10% of the usual production
      • Eg: Player has 3 Waterl, 1 lake. So water production would be 20 + 3 * 10% (20) ⇒ 26 water buckets
    • Limit: Max 4 Waterl will be considered.


      • Increases power generation from solar panels & wind turbines.
      • Since the power generation feature is not yet released, the benefits will be credited in GC (Game Cards).
      • Every Chichu in a player account will give an additional 15% of GC.
      • Eg: Player has 2 Chichu, 1 Wind turbine. So the GC produced would be 30 + 2 * 15% (30) ⇒ 39 GC
    • Limit: Max 4 Chichu will be considered.


      • Automatically feeds your animals.
      • Abilities and terms are the same as Bloosm.
    • Limit: Max 1 Super Sunny will be considered.






Keep in mind the health of superheroes plays a crucial role in their abilities to work. Always keep your superhero’s health bars at the maximum. The abilities will be functional only if the health is 100%. Superheroes with health less than 100% will not be considered.


Now the superheroes have to be fed daily to keep their health bars at the maximum. Each superhero will take 2 units of carrot feed 🥕 daily (* subject to change). If any superhero is not fed on any day, the health bar will be reduced by 5% (* subject to change). Unlike regular animals, superheroes consume carrot feed on Sundays as well.

Note: Superheroes that are on breeding will continue to take the fruit feed.

Pause & Resume

Are you going on a vacation? Are you running out of carrot feed in your account? Don’t worry about your superhero’s health – you can pause the superhero abilities at any time from the app settings. Remember during a pause, the abilities will not be functional.

terms as below –

  • The pause can be done only if the feeding is given for all superheroes on that day.
  • A resume can be done only after 24hrs from the pause.
  • Superheroes don’t need to be fed when paused.




Refer and earn scratch cards


Hello farmers 👨‍🌾

We all have been loving the scratch cards in the Cropbytes bell event.🔔

Sadly all good things must come to an end and so does the bell event on 25 Dec 2019.😕

But no worries, we have got you covered.🙃

Now you and your friend can earn up to 12, 000 TRX💰 just by referring! 🤩

Yes! We are giving away 1 scratch card each time 3 of your friends sign up with your referral code! 😏

And each new player gets 1 scratch card after completing 3 activities.🎊

Have a look at the terms below! 


  • The player must sign-up 3 new users with their referral code.
  • The player will receive 1 scratch card when all 3 new players conduct at least 1 activity on their farm.
  • The new player will receive a scratch card when they do 3 activities on their farm.
  • Activities include Plating crops, trees, feeding animals, trading assets or GC.
  • New players will receive free trial assets on signup.

Farm Bell

Introducing the farm bell. 🔔

Now earn secret rewards in the form of scratch cards!

Click the bell on your farm



The My Bell tab show you your unique code, which can be coppied and shared with your friends




Here you can enter a friends bell code and click ring to ring their bell.




The Gift section is where you will see all the scratch cards you have earned. Click on the scratch card to reveal & claim the prize’s




The Rings tab shows the players who rang your bell.




 The leader board shows top earning players!



🔔Player must perform atleast one activity on Cropbytes farm app to ring friend bell.

🔔 Player activities are starting a crop, harvesting a crop, grinding a crop, feeding animals, purchase over asset/GC trading, GC conversion to assets vice-versa,
Package purchase.

🔔Player can ring maximum 8 bells in a day.

🔔Player can ring a friend’s bell only once any day.

🔔Player can ring any friend’s bell maximum 3 times during this event.

🔔Player gets 1 scratch card for every 3 rings to their bell.

🔔Scratch cards contain gifts worth of 1 TRX to 10000TRX.

🔔Player can scratch maximum 6 gift cards on any day.

🔔Cropbytes has all rights to take any action on players if players are found violating terms.


Free 3D Trial pack!

Hello Farmers,Trial packs are now available!

The Trial pack enables new users to start playing right away.

Claim your free assets here.

It features 3D animals (cow, goat, hen) which give milk and eggs as extracts.

These extracts can be traded in the open market or exchanged for game cards! You get 50 Corn Feed & 10 Fruit Feed to feed your animals

You also get a 1×1 Crop Land to grow crops, 50 units of water for the crops, 50 units Corn Seeds.

A quick look at the game play

Feeding Animals

Feed animals daily to collect extracts. If animals are not fed daily, they will loose health stats.

Growing Crops

The harvested crop can be processed for animal feed & sold in the open market.

Harvesting Crops

Grinding Crops

Converting GC to Extracts

Game card can be used to aquire special assets & can also be traded in the GC market.

Trading Game Cards to TRX

Claim yours now

Terms & Conditions — Trail Pack

  • The Trial pack can be claimed only once per user.
  • Assets in the Trial pack are for a limited period only.
  • Assets in the Trial pack are non-tradable.
  • Extracts from the Trial pack assets are tradable & the acquired TRX/ Game Cards can be used for other purchases.
  • Cropbytes has all rights to block players if found misusing Trial packs.
  • Trial packs are to encourage new users to start playing Cropbytes without hassle.

Tropical Island Assets!



Hello farmers,

Now you can buy your own Island in CropBytes!

Islands are amazing pro assets that are limited in supply.
You’ve got to be lucky to own one.

Benefits: The following assets are free on the purchase of a Tropical Island.

  • Rubber Trees = 2 units (Each worth 1000TRX in flash sale).
  • Coconut Trees = 2 units (Each worth 500TRX in flash sale).
  • Special 3D Animal = 1unit.
  • A horse training center on the Island.
  • Special sea water fishes will be available.


Additional benefits for the first 25 Tropical Island owners.

  • Rubber Machine = 1 unit (Worth 2500TRX in flash sale)
  • Rubber Trees = 3 units
  • Coconut Trees = 3 units

Rules for Tropical Islands.

  •  You can mark your island anywhere in the ocean with a special Island Icon.
  •  Islands are non-refundable assets.
  • These assets will be integrated by September 2019 in 3D.
  • Total Supply = 400.
  •  Cost= 10k TRX

CropBytes: A Starters Guide

 If you have trouble getting started, kindly read our quick guide.

So now you have logged in and you have your assets in hand.
You can take on either of the two roles in the game or both.

The Happy Farmer.
Grow your crops, raise and breed your animals & become a farming tycoon.
Earn Tron as you build you farming empire.

  • Crop Land: Water and seeds are required to start the cultivation process.
    It takes 36 hours for the crops to be harvested. (Right now only corn seeds are available, many more coming soon.)
  • Trees: They just need water, and will produce fruits in 5days.
  • Food grinding mills: Our animals eat ground food, so crops need to be processed. Once your crop or fruits are harvested, you can rent out a mill from other players to grind and convert them into food.
  • Livestock: Animals have health bars, If they are not fed on time, their health will reduce & eventually they will stop producing extracts until you bring them back to health.

Animal Stats


 You also need to give your animals fruit feed every Sunday or else they will lose 10% of their health.

Remember! feed your animals daily.

Food quantity, output and extract production time differ for each type of animal.

The Game Index has all the info you need to plan and organize your farm.

**Tip: A well-organized farm will give you more output, and hence more TRX!!


The Busy Trader
Trading is quite simple, it’s just like any other open exchange.
Assets here are categorized into 3 types.

  • Produce: Extracts from your animals, land & Trees(milk, corn, fruit, etc).
    The Game Index has all the info you need.
  • Game Cards: Can be acquired from certain animals or trade.
    *Some assets can only be purchased with game cards.
  • Premium Assets: Superheros, Houses, Windmills, Solar Panels can be traded with players as well.

You can buy and sell these as an when required. Just list your price, and players can buy it off you from the open market.

Check out the game market to buy assets from players.
A lot more to come!
Follow us on Twitter & Facebook to stay updated.

 Happy Farming!


Getting started with CropBytes.

Welcome to Cropbytes.
A farming simulation game, where you can earn TRX as you build your farming empire.
This guide will help you get started with the game.

Step 1 Sign up on and deposit TRX to your CropBytes wallet.

Step 2 Download CropBytes & CropBytes Farm from the Play store.





Step 3 Sign in on both the apps. In the CropBytes App, Name your farm and place it in your preferred location.

**You can’t change the location of your farm once placed.








  Now you are all set to start farming! launch the CropBytes Farm app and start playing!



  A starter pack is available for 1200TRX .


Farm App~Account~Store~Asset store~Starter Pack.









*If your are starting with less, check out the game market and the flash sale. You will find great deals on assets here.Follow us on Twitter & Facebook to stay updated.


Superhero Breeding Rules

Hello CropBytes farmers, we are introducing Superhero breeding on Cropbytes platform!

Currently there are 6 Superheroes in the game.
3 Male(Green,Super Sunny & Chichu), 3Female(Waterl, Blossom & Healer) Superheroes
Try breeding with all 9 combinations and get baby Superheroes, with different superpowers!

Terms & Conditions for Superhero Breeding

  • Breeding requires one male & one female superhero.
  • A level 1 house is needed to keep the superhero pair during breeding.
  • It takes 72 Days to complete the breeding process.
  • The pair needs a total of 10 fruit feed each day during the process.
  • One extra day is added to the total duration, for each day of feeding skipped.
  • Superheroes house which are listed in asset trading can’t be used for breeding and vice-versa.


We hope to see many super babies soon!


Updated! Check out our latest releases.

Update Includes:

  • Increased farming space. More space for your assets!
  • Feed All option. Easily feed all your animals with one button!
  • GMT Clock embedded, Next Flash sale time, and information on the referral contest.
  • In-app links to your Profile, Wallet, Asset Store, Flash Sale, Game Market, GC Trading, and the Blog.

         Massively expanded playing space allows for the placement of all your assets.  Organize your farm with easy!

                       We have also added a “Feed all” feature. You can feed all your animals simultaneously!  


                               Head to settings and enable the “Feed All” button!  Simple as that!


  • Clicking on the Info Button now provides some useful information
  •  Current CropBytes time: lets you know how much time is left in the day, to ensure that you can get your animals fed on time.
  • Next flash sale:  lets you know when you can get some more awesome assets at wholesale prices from the game!
  • Referral Contest is a fun way to get some free stuff for yourself and a friend. Please do not attempt to abuse this. Devs are looking for bad actors.

  • Clicking on the Account icon brings up 3 separate tabs.
  • Profile gives you information about your account
  • Wallet lets you know how much TRX, PlayCoin, and GC you have.
  • The Store tab provides links to the Asset Store, Flash Sale, Game Market, GC Trading where you can trade in  TRX. You will aslo find a link to our blog, where you can stay updated on our latest development

Game Market: Trade your Produce, Assets, Livestock etc, with other players.



     Asset Store:Buy assets from game store.


GC Trading: Trade your aquired Game Crads  for TRX.


CropBytes Game

Game is Going Live – Get Ready Farmers !

Dear Farmers,

The game is going live soon.  So here is a post about the game play.

The features being launched initially are planting and harvesting crops, picking fruits from trees, feeding animals and collecting the extracts (egg, milk, wool and truffle).

All your assets can be found in the inventory. The animals (cow, goat, sheep, hen, horse and pig) are stored in their corresponding shelters. Remaining assets can be dragged out of the inventory and can be placed anywhere on the farm along with the shelters.

Players can exchange animal extracts (milk, wool, egg and truffle) for game cards.


Growing crops need water and seeds. Growing corn requires one bucket of water and one bag of seeds per each square crop land. Corn can be harvested once it is fully grown which takes 36 hours.


  • Harvested crops are automatically moved to barn.
  • Cropping can’t be done for crops kept for trading.


Crops need to be grinded to make feed for the animals. Clicking on the mill button will pop up the available mills with wait time required for each. Selecting the option starts the grinding and the fee is deducted from your account.  Once the time elapse the crops are grinded and is ready to be fed to animals.


All animals will be locked in their respective shelters and need to fed once in 24 hours.

Animal stats

Every animal will have 3 status bars which by default will have values:

  • Power 30%
  • Strength 40%
  • Health 100%

Factors affecting stats

The stats depend on how players take care of their animals. Daily feeding adds 0.25 to strength, power bar and health bars.

Skipping feeding causes reduction in stats as follows

  • Health 10%
  • Strength 25%
  • Power 50%


  • Every Sunday the animal needs to be fed with fruit feed. Failure can lead to reduction in all bars by half.
  • Animals don’t produce extracts if the health falls below 80%.
  • The animal is considered dead when the health falls below 11%.


Players having well in their farm will get one bucket of water every hour. This can either be used in your farm or sold in the market.


Players having lake in their farm will get unlimited water for their crops. They will also get 20 buckets of water per day which can either be used to water trees or can be sold in the market.

Power Balance

In the initial release game play for power sources like turbines and solar panels are disabled. We are creating more use cases for power balance.

Features which will be enabled after the cool down period:

  • Super hero deployment
  • Breeding of super heroes
  • Trading version v2
  • Farm board

Farm Board

Farm board will display the data of number of animals waiting for food, types of feed with quantity , water etc.  


  • Value of food & water will depend upon the supply and demand.
  • The farm view will be in a separate app , not with the existing app. Integration of present app with farm view app is still under process. Single app will be released once the integration is done.
  • Airdrop of seeds and water will be done to all users having cropland some hours before the game release.

Initial Cool down period of one week till oct 14th

  • No reduction in health
  • Trading will be paused