CropBytes – Superhero Abilities

CropBytes – Superhero Abilities

We are glad to announce the release of Gen 0 Superhero abilities in the farm app 🎉

Currently, there are 6 different superheroes in HEALER, GREEN, BLOOSM, WATERL, CHICHU, SUPER SUNNY.

These superhero abilities will make your farm more productive and improve your earning potential. ⬆️
Be a proud owner of CropBytes superheroes. 😍
Hurry up in grabbing a few from co-players in case you don’t own any.💰

Let’s look at the abilities of superheroes now 👇


      • Helps in recovering animal health quickly.
      • Every Healer in a player’s account will give an additional 0.5 increase in health bars
      • Eg: Player has 2 Healers, so health increases for any animal would be 0.5 + 2 * 0.5 ⇒ 1.5
    • Limit: Max 4 Healers will be considered.


      • Helps in boosting crop production.
      • Every Green in a player’s account will give 2 additional crops per cropland.
      • Eg: Player has 3 Greens, so crop production per square land would be 12 + 6 ⇒ 18
    • Limit: Max 4 Greens will be considered.


      • Automatically feeds your animals.
      • Bloosm will feed all your animals & superheroes daily.
      • It ensures that it will feed only once per day.
      • Note: Animals will not be fed if enough feed is not available in the player’s account.
    • Limit: More than 1 Bloosms in the account will not make any difference in feeding.



      • Increases water production from lakes and wells.
      • Every Waterl in the player’s account will give an additional 10% of the usual production
      • Eg: Player has 3 Waterl, 1 lake. So water production would be 20 + 3 * 10% (20) ⇒ 26 water buckets
    • Limit: Max 4 Waterl will be considered.


      • Increases power generation from solar panels & wind turbines.
      • Since the power generation feature is not yet released, the benefits will be credited in GC (Game Cards).
      • Every Chichu in a player account will give an additional 15% of GC.
      • Eg: Player has 2 Chichu, 1 Wind turbine. So the GC produced would be 30 + 2 * 15% (30) ⇒ 39 GC
    • Limit: Max 4 Chichu will be considered.


      • Automatically feeds your animals.
      • Abilities and terms are the same as Bloosm.
    • Limit: Max 1 Super Sunny will be considered.






Keep in mind the health of superheroes plays a crucial role in their abilities to work. Always keep your superhero’s health bars at the maximum. The abilities will be functional only if the health is 100%. Superheroes with health less than 100% will not be considered.


Now the superheroes have to be fed daily to keep their health bars at the maximum. GREEN & WATERL will take 1 unit of carrot feed 🥕 daily.  Other superheroes will take 2 units of carrot feed 🥕 daily (* subject to change). If any superhero is not fed on any day, the health bar will be reduced by 5% (* subject to change). Unlike regular animals, superheroes consume carrot feed on Sundays as well.

Note: Superheroes that are on breeding will continue to take the fruit feed.

Pause & Resume

Are you going on a vacation? Are you running out of carrot feed in your account? Don’t worry about your superhero’s health – you can pause the superhero abilities at any time from the app settings. Remember during a pause, the abilities will not be functional.

terms as below –

  • The pause can be done only if the feeding is given for all superheroes on that day.
  • A resume can be done only after 24hrs from the pause.
  • Superheroes don’t need to be fed when paused.


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