Refer, Ring & Earn Cryptocurrency

Refer, Ring & Earn Cryptocurrency

Refer and get scratch cards by exchanging bell rings.

Hello farmers 👨‍🌾,

The bell is back , but with a twist!😉

We all enjoy getting scratch cards, it gets even better when love is shared.💕

So we’ll be giving scratch cards to you and the new player you have just referred 🎴

Both stand a chance earn prizes up to 12,000 TRX💰

How can I get scratch cards?😏

👉 Get your friends to sign up with your referral code.
👉 Ask them to ring your bell.
👉 Get 1 scratch card every ring.

Referred User
👉 Ask the person who referred you to ring your bell!

Who can ring my bell?

👉 Bell rings can be exchanged only between the referrer and the referred player

When does the bell referrals start?

👉 Starts from March 1st, 2020


🔔The scratch cards offer program is valid for a limited time only. CropBytes reserves the right to modify or cancel it at any time.
🔔Bell rings in the CropBytes farm app are allowed between only referrer and referees.
🔔Only new referrals are applicable which are done after the launch date [March 1st, 2020].
🔔Referrer & Referee can exchange rings with each other only once a day.
🔔Every bell ring in a user account will be converted to 1 scratch card and will be automatically added to the user account.
🔔Players can refer unlimited users & keep exchanging the rings.
🔔Players must conduct an activity on that day to send the rings. Each of the following will be considered as 1 activity:

  • Starting a crop
  • Harvesting a crop
  • Grinding a crop
  • Feeding animals
  • Trading assets
  • GC trading
  • GC conversion to assets vice-versa
  • Package purchase.

Refer Now! 👉

*Note: For bell feature, if multiple accounts are used for ringing bells from a single device the Bell IDs will be blocked.

Ring the Bell event is over. Stay tuned for upcoming events.

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