Bounty Program

Earn valuable crypto assets and tokens by completing simple and creative tasks. Submissions should be sent to us over email [email protected] along with the proofs. Get bounty in Bytes Balance (TRX) by completing tasks bellow:

Write an article about CropBytes.

+ 300 TRX
Write an article (300+ words) about CropBytes with links to website & social media and post it on Publish0X, Uptrennd, Reddit Crypto subs. Email the link to [email protected].

Make a video on CropBytes.

+ 300 TRX
Create a YouTube video(2+ min) on the CropBytes game. Add the links to website & social media in description. Post the video on Publish0X, Uptrend, Reddit Crypto subs. Email the link to [email protected].

Subscribe to CropBytes Telegram channel.

+ 25 TRX
Subscribe to CropBytes Telegram channel Email the Telegram username to [email protected]. Bounty will be credited after 30+ days of subscription.

Add a friend to CropBytes Telegram community.

+ 10 TRX
Add a friend to CropBytes Telegram community Email your Telegram ID and username along with friend's Telegram ID and username to [email protected]. Get 10 TRX for each friend added. Bounty will be credited after 30 days.

Retweet a CropBytes post.

+ 25 TRX
Retweet the Twitter post link. Email the link of your retweet to [email protected].

Follow CropBytes on Twitter.

+ 25 TRX
Follow us on Twitter. Email your Twitter handle to [email protected].

Subscribe to CropBytes channel on YouTube.

+ 50 TRX
Subscribe us on YouTube. Email your YouTube email address to [email protected].


  • Submissions should be sent over email [email protected] from CropBytes registered email.
  • Proofs (screenshot,link,username,handle,email) should be attached in the email for each task.
  • Bounty will be credited in TRX to Bytes Balance.
  • Bytes Balance can be used to make in game purchases.
  • Bounty program earnings can't be withdrawn.
  • Earnings for each task can be availed only once per user.
  • For tasks with specific time period, bounty will be credited after the time period.
  • New tasks will be listed regularly. Stay tuned!!
  • Players get blocked if they are found doing malicious activities with regrards to the bounty program.
  • Only registered users are allowed to participate.