A Game of business, Earn real profits.

Farm, trade or invest in the farming business with real crypto currency. Earn returns and cash out.

Everyone can make money

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Grow crops and trees. Raise and breed animals. Collect extracts, resources, and sell them in the market. Organize your farming activities for higher output.
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Trade assets, resources, and game cards. Predict the market, Hold and sell as per market demand. The game works on real business economics and has an Intuitive trading interface. Play wisely and grow your earnings.
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Invest in rare, high-value assets like islands, food mills, windmills, etc. These assets grow in value over time and give regular returns.

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I've watched this game go from concept to fully functional economy, with more to come. I am excited for the next update! Farmville, with ownership!


Cropbytes Crypto Farming Game has an in-game economy that allows players to make profit by playing the game. This is the future of gaming!
Tom lamb

Tom lamb

Using Tron, Cropbytes is a great investment opportunity for your kids’ or grandkids’ futures.


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Buy land and start farming. grow crops, raise animals, own wind mills. There is opportunity everywhere.
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Sell your extracts in the market place. Use the supply & demand charts to predict the market and make profits.
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Make profits in Tron when you sell your assets. Reinvest the money or take it home.

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Please find answers of frequently asked questions. Feel free to contact us or post it in community if you have any other queries.

DAPP is under development. Currently this game is not a DAPP, this is because we are not yet finalized with all concepts in the game and we would like to improve ourself based on the like and dislike of our community. Once this is almost finalized we will be transfering everything to TRON network.

Although you feed them daily, in return they will give game resources like milk, eggs etc., which can be sold to other players or to the game market itself.

No, we don't want this game to be too costly, so pets will not have any levels. But some assets like houses, motors etc. will have levels that they can increase with the help of in game resources.

In order to avoid these situations, we have enabled expiry times for crops. If someone holds on to their crops for too long then it becomes unusable.

If you have both male and female pets then you don't need the help of other players. However, if you only have a male or a female pet and you'd like to breed it in order to get beautiful baby pets, then you can hire a pet of the opposit sex from another player.

No, you can only purchase them through Flash Sales. A new set of game assets will be released 3 times per day with a gap of 8 hours inbetween.

It will take 1/4 the time that it takes each respecive animal in the real world.

No. You may sell the baby animal back to game market or to other players.

Each crop has a standard price and that price fluctuates depending on supply & demand.

Players who are passing by that area can visit your farm and can purchase from you or exchange goods or animals with you. All communication will happen through the in game chat option.

We're planning to conduct surprise events such as horse races and much more.

As you already know, once the game is decentralized using blockchain technology, we will no longer have much control over it. This means we won't be able to change anything that our loyal community would like us to change. So we have decided to take enough time to make the game as user friendly, interesting and secure as we possibily can.

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